About Us

"The Hip Hop TakeOver" was created in June of 2004 by Ife´ Dancy at WBAI 99.5FM  in New York, as a small effort to maintain and preserve the fundamental elements of Hip Hop, and bring more of it to the listener sponsored radio station. The HHTO has now become a well received, highly anticipated, yearly radio event. Each event has been from 15hours - 29 hours of pure Hip Hop. No commercials. This event would not be possible with out the volunteerism efforts of the many Hip Hop artist, DJ's, radio personalities, activist, journalist, historians, execs, and politicians, that come to spread their love of Hip Hop to MILLIONS of listeners in the tri-state NY, NJ, and CT area, as well as over the web. Each year you can expect something new, maybe even some old school.  Some of the many people that have been heard the HHTO include Kool Herc, MC Lyte, Kool DJ Red Alert, Uncle Ralph McDaniels, Davey D, Maino, Lil Cease, Dr. Joy DeGruy, Kanye West, Drag-On, Kevin Powell, Harry Allen, Pebblee Poo, Grandmixer DXT, and much more.

You can can check in here for more info, or you can email hiphoptakeover@yahoo.com