Thursday, December 9, 2010

The DJ

Salutations hip hop. For this weeks edition of Emskeeology, i want to speak on something that has undoubtedly changed since it's creation many, many moons ago, but is still a highly sought-after position because of it's power. The position of the DJ.
I'll start by saying that because of the technology rush in the last decade, sadly anyone or everyone can consider themselves to be a dj. Get yourself a decent computer, buy the most fitting program that caters to your needs, up and download a rush of the hottest mp3 files, and boom.... you're instantly whoever your favorite dj is (in your mind and dreams that is).
Before the computer, the dj was the backbone of many hip hop groups that kept the party grooving before, during a stage show, and way into the morning light hours. And to have that honored position, you had to be GOOD, meaning having your own sense of style while keeping the spot bumpin'. Dj's entertained and TAUGHT the crowd about music that they might not have known about and MADE them like it by the way they rocked it into the mix. NO ONE told them how or what or when to play. Many times the turntables were either elevated above the crowd or closed off. If you even tried to step beyond the barrier, you got shut down QUICK by security or the dj's boys who craved to handle the trespasser. I've seen it happen.
I have a few points.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Hip Hop Throwback of the Day - Jay Z - Can't Knock The Hustle

Musis Video - Dutch Rebelle - I'm ILL

Music Video - Redman - Reggie

Ed Lover is out of New York's Power 105.1 morning show, The Breakfast Club is in

Music: Syleena Johnson - My Shoes

Music by | More on Syleena Johnson

Music: Jessie J feat B.O.B. - Price Tag

Music by | More on Jessie J

Nelly’s PSA to Tackle Hunger

Nelly’s PSA to Tackle Hunger

Music: Ricky Blaze feat Jim Jones and Nicki Minaj - Feel Free

Ricky Blaze feat Jim Jones and Nicki Minaj - Feel Free

Music: Talib Kweli - Cold Rain

Talib Kweli - Cold Rain

Music: Redman feat Faith Evans - All I Do

Redman feat Faith Evans - All I Do

Music: R. Kelly feat K. Michelle - Love Is

R. Kelly feat K. Michelle - Love Is

Music: YG feat. Game and Snoop Dogg- Purp and Yellow

YG feat. Game and Snoop Dogg- Purp and Yellow

Music: BoB - Beast Mode

BoB - Beast Mode

Music: Charlie Wilson - Where Would I Be

Charlie Wilson - Where Would I Be

Music: The Outlawz feat. Bun B and LLoyd - 100 MPH

The Outlawz feat. Bun B and LLoyd - 100 MPH

The Better Bitter

Season's Greetings hip hop. If you're engaged to these Emskeeology blog postings, it's time for yet another reality check of concrete content.
Most people undoubtedly want to be recognized for a talent, skill, or that something out of the ordinary that makes other people turn heads and spark mass conversation and attention. It's the mysterious, electric energy that superstars or scintillating events exude that is clamored after on a daily basis. Movie reviewers, to bloggers, to twitter and facebook fiends are all posting their personal opinions, some more pronounced than others, to bring attention to themselves in the hopes of becoming the kings and queens of the ultimate "go-to"opinions that the general public sheep will follow. I believe it's a natural human need to be wanted or featured.
But my problem is the saturation of the new millenium, digital age, where the accessibility of tools and resources that should be used to promote authenticity and credibility has allowed the non-talented and unknowledged to peddle their projects as well, cluddering the circles of the deserving, and has led to what i spoke on in the last post, the "dumb up". Gifts and curses coming to together for a disastrous result.