Friday, February 25, 2011

Music Video: Gee Dubs featuring SR - I Don't Care

I absolutely LOVE this song!! I played it a couple months back on my radio show and had a few calls on it. Now here is the video to it.  Definitely FIYAH!!!!

Oh yeah, peep my father in the beginning of the video playing the homeless dude. I almost fell out when I saw him.  My father has a new career... Okay maybe I'm going a little too far.

Music Video: Kidd Russell - Backyard Heroes

Hailing from Deerfield, IL, Kip "Kidd" Russell's "Backyard Heroes" centers around growing up in Illinois playing football with his friends in his backyard, I'm sure you guessed that before I actually said it. It's a story that a lot of people can relate to because growing up, we were all heroes in our own little heads. Those days when your imagination had you thinking you were the next great ninja turtle, or in my case I was the next Tina Turner meets Salt & Pepa, meets EnVogue. We knew no fear then. The world was ours. At least in our backyards.

Check the video out. Let me know what you think.

Music Video: Yung Berg 72 hours

New song from Yung Berg called 72 Hours.  "72 Hour's is off Yung Berg's much anticipated mixtape "Mr Ward with expected feature's from Soulja Boy, Ray J, Roscoe Dash, Pleasure P, YG, Day 26, Brisco, Hot Dolla and Ya Boy.

As a dark skinned black woman, I will say I'm still giving Yung Berg the side eye for for calling dark skinned women "dark butts".  I've heard the comments from ignorant BLACK men saying "Oh, your pretty to be dark skinned".  Like that is something so unbelievable!!  Okay, I'm about to go into a rant about black folks and our color issues.  I just got myself upset. Damn it!!  I'm reeling it back in.....

I do believe however, people talk out the side of the face sometimes and do things when they are growing and learning.  He is a young dude and you say and do stupid things in your twenties. It's expected. Let's hope he's learned because he has a lot more growing ahead of him and a new mixtape on the way.

Check out the video.  Let me know what ya think!

Music Video: Venomous2000 & DJ Priority - Soul Sensation (ft. M. Josephine)

Check this music video out with Venomous2000 & DJ Priority featuring M. Josephine.  This is the first single off of the Fresh Amazingly album. It has a nice old school nineties vibe to it.  Kind of brings me back to the days you just sat back chilling, sitting on your stoop with some of your homies from the block in the summertime.  Definitely a nice summer song.