Monday, December 6, 2010

The Better Bitter

Season's Greetings hip hop. If you're engaged to these Emskeeology blog postings, it's time for yet another reality check of concrete content.
Most people undoubtedly want to be recognized for a talent, skill, or that something out of the ordinary that makes other people turn heads and spark mass conversation and attention. It's the mysterious, electric energy that superstars or scintillating events exude that is clamored after on a daily basis. Movie reviewers, to bloggers, to twitter and facebook fiends are all posting their personal opinions, some more pronounced than others, to bring attention to themselves in the hopes of becoming the kings and queens of the ultimate "go-to"opinions that the general public sheep will follow. I believe it's a natural human need to be wanted or featured.
But my problem is the saturation of the new millenium, digital age, where the accessibility of tools and resources that should be used to promote authenticity and credibility has allowed the non-talented and unknowledged to peddle their projects as well, cluddering the circles of the deserving, and has led to what i spoke on in the last post, the "dumb up". Gifts and curses coming to together for a disastrous result.
Not to stress the past, old-school philosophy, but when i was coming up as a dj for instance, to even be CONSIDERED to rock a party, he or she HAD to be good, AND appointed for spots of noteriety. Now all you need is a profile page on the internet somewhere and the ability to gain an abundance of "friends" to be considered a player for next level recognition. Many have fed into this equation, and you can't tell them that their favorite entertainer, athlete, or other is lame. The truly talented, without grandiose marketing schemes, are sadly lost and never focused on. And there are ALOT of unknown extremely talented souls around. But the powerful abundant wackness prevails. Strange ratio don't you think.
I believe that it ultimately comes down to an individual to make their own choices as to what pleases them. But the media monster has infultrated the minds of the masses with advertisements and agendas to achieve certain numbers on who's who and how much they can help these companies to prosper. The truly creative never see the fruitfulness of this world....because after all, natural talent can't be "packaged".
So the next time you happen to hear or run into an artist, athlete, or entertainer that hasn't gotten "on" yet and complains about the state of the game, give him/or her a shot of your attention. They may fall into the wack category. But they might not. It just may be the moment that changes your perception of what you thought the ultimate standard is/was that you were "sold" was it. When you hear a disgruntled talent, talk about their being better than your favorite "packaged" artist, it's not always them hating. That's disappointment of not having the chance to properly be heard, appreciated, and acknowledged. Let your brain eat all this and digest it.
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Love to the world y'all. Peace.

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