Saturday, December 18, 2010

Pull Ya Pants Up in '11

Peace hip hop. As 2010 draws to a nearer to it's close, it's time to once again think about the changes we can "turn the corner" on in the new year. Change is an uncomfortable word. Especially when it doesn't favor you. But nonetheless, we need to examine elements of progression in our lives.
One thing i'd like to SEE change for a better, is people who wear their pants waaaaay down almost to the knees, exposing almost their whole ass and perhaps some back of the actual leg. Now, i do have to say that i'm a fan of hip hop fashion, and saggin pants is nothing new. It's apart of the culture. BUT... it's all about rockin' a style TASTEFULLY. Some of these people in see in the present day are outlandish with it. And they actually HAVE to walk funny to hold their pants up. Come on. Really hip hop??!! Barack Obama pulls his pants up.
Going forward, can we pleeeeeease reduce the halfway undressed look and take it back to mild saggin'. Those of you who do this HAVE to know you really look foolish.
I'm an advocate of freedom of expression, but with taste. At least look like you're stylin' yet you have a look of being "together". I can't believe i'm even dedicating an Emskeeology to this, but i KNOW alot of others out there feel the same way. I don't care if this is the new juvenille way of being rebellious. Find another way. Let's keep hip hop REASONABLY stylish aight??
Don't forget tonight, saturday Dec. 18th, on WBAI 99.5fm, Ife Dancy presents yet another Hip Hop Takeover from 7pm to 1am. Myself and Dj C- Reality will bless the airwaves at 11 with an "edutainment" set dedicated to original breaks beats that have and haven't been used. You wouldn't want to miss this. Other guests include the music industry veteran Dream Hampton, Dj Leecy T, the Wonder Twins, and more. There will be an our long discussion from midnight to the 1 am close about the year in hip hop for 2010.
Hey, check out my new podomatic account, including this mix here: Leave comments or just listen to various mixes i've posted. I just started it so im trying to get the awareness up for it. As a disclaimer, if primarily into the "radio box" type of mixes, i'm not for you. Stretch your mind beyond Neyo and Trey Songs musically. There's so much good stuff out there.
And oh yeah.......pull your mutha f****n' pants up. Get a belt.

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