Monday, May 16, 2011


The radio broadcast of the Hip Hop TakeOver (HHTO) will happen Saturday, June 25th, midnight to midnight on WBAI 99.5FM in NY.  Twenty-four hours of hip hop.  No commercials.

The HHTO is a yearly event dedicated to everything hip hop, and this year we are dedicating the broadcast to hip hop's pioneers.  We have also made time on the schedule for upcoming DJ's.

We are looking for  four (4) dj's to play 28 minute mixes for the morning (6am-8am) segment of the HHTO.

To be considered as a dj you must follow these rules:

1) Let us know you like us on the Hip Hop TakeOver  FaceBook page (click to the left of the screen)
2) Once you are a friend on FaceBook, post up an audio or video link of your mixes on the HHTO wall
3) Mixes must be mostly hip hop. Old school, new school, underground, independent.  Nothing WACK!!
4) Send your friends and fans to the HHTO FaceBook page and tell them to hit like under your wall post
5) The first four dj's to have fifty (50) or more likes will have their radio edited mixes aired on the HHTO
6) Deadline will be Friday, June 17th at 7pm.

Good luck!!

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