Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Watch Charges Made to Your Credit/Debit Cards: The $800,000 Cab Ride

A Hong Kong man, megamillionaire Tony Chan, took a cab ride from New York City to his private jet in New Jersey, when cabbie Peter Rahhaoui used the AmEx Chan paid with to rack up charges over the next few MONTHS.

The charges went unnoticed until a bank security specialist started seeing suspicious patterns to Chan's account. This is how deep this dudes pockets are? If I'm missing $5 I'm ready to start making heads roll! $800,000?!!

Anyway, Chan has his own financial legal issues. Shortly after driver Rahhaoui's arrest, Chan was arrested in Hong Kong from allegations that he forged a will from the late BILLIONAIRE, Nina Wang, who died in 2007, making him the sole heir. Ms. Wang was Asia's richest woman. Wang's net worth was listed by Forbes at $4.2 billion.

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