Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Emskeeology - Race and Politricks

Peace hip hop. Get your minds right. I'm not sure if you feel the same, but i find that anytime election time comes around, whether for local office or nationwide influential positions, some candidate is always telling you to vote for them because they are the best qualified to make eeeeeeverything better. But when victory is achieved, it's more of the same rhetoric. And your heart and confidence sinks right back down to it's original low point.
Many of the current youth generation, specifically minorities, are preoccupied with the antics and meaningless banter of their heros like WACKA Flocka, Lil Wayne, and other formulated, stereotypical images who offer NOTHING of substance to support a balance of brains and bravado.
Well, perhaps in the games of the streets, which CAN be applied to aspects of real life. BUT, it takes effort and a sense of self worth. That's a whole different conversation for another time. Attention to long term issues have taken a back seat like the back row in a movie theatre. Take a break from poppin' collars and corks and keep track of who's making the decisions that really affect your future. Real talk.
Although not personally biased toward Democrats or Republicans (because they both have twisted agendas with the PEOPLE being toward the bottom of the list), i am a little dismayed at the backlash President Obama and his administration have received, specifically over the last year and half, about their failure (on a variety of levels) to move the country forward. No, he's not perfect by any stretch of the word. But have the right wing hypocrites really forgotten the 8 YEARS of controversy and seemingly care-free demeanor that George Bush and his goons were responsible for that GOT us into a heap of complications?? Not too mention Bernie Madoff and the good 'ol boys of Wall Street. Mostly to all white people involved. President Obama's presidential victory was one of historic proportions, but once again, a black man slid into a position to "clean up" a white man's garbage...and because he doesn't seem to be cleaning it up fast enough, everybody's doubting and bailing on him. The man's term is half over, and there's a lot of previous administration "s**t" to shovel.
As contradictory as my views may seems to some, i'm not into the white people vs. black people thing. I'm married to a Sicilian Italian woman who's brain is just as powerful as her elegant looks. But when i look around and see predominantly white men constantly and consistently occupying decision making positions in an ever evolving ethnically diverse New York City and country, i question how that's possible in the new millenium. I KNOW that there are fair and qualified women, Asian, Hispanic, Indian, and other non-white individuals who just need some co-signs and major endorsements to potentially catapult them into a CHANCE to represent. The person can even BE white. I would just like to see someone who goes against political agendas and REALLY proves that they have and keep EVERYONE'S needs in mind. No, you can't realistically please everyone, but alot more can really be done rather than the same hollow promises term after term. On these election days, i'd like to see that reflected.
Today, November 2nd, is election day in New York City. Having the knowledge that many black people lost their dignity, not to mention lives to have the RIGHT be able to have their vote counted, yet not wanting to vote because the present day candidate choices don't appeal to me is a harsh position to be in. You have to vote to be counted. But is your vote just a formality to get your apprehensive choice elected and that you won't ever see the change that you covet implemented??
I have strong opinions on things and can elaborate for days, but i have to keep it abbreviated on thehiphoptakeover.com site. Feel free to leave comments with your views on my account of the public official game. Or, topics that you think would be solid discussion pieces.
Oh yeah, remember to check for my group The Good People (www.thegoodpeople.bandcamp.com). Authentic hip hop/soul to keep your mind and spirit strong. Pull ya pants up.
Love to the world ya'll. Peace.

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