Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Introduction To Emskeeology

Peace. Nice to meet you mentally. If you don't know me, Emskee is the name. To drop some history on you, i was a 9-year resident on the world's LONGEST running New York City hip hop show, J Smooth's Underground Railroad Show (it'll be 20 years straight on the air in April 2011), on WBAI 99.5fm starting in October of '99. I've been affiliated with Ife Dancy's HIP HOP TAKEOVER for the last 5 years presenting programs of hip hop music from the late 80's to the late 90's. I host and produce a bi-monthly classic disco program on the station as well called the "Rare Radio Show" which has seen heavyweight guest dj's Kool Dj Red Alert, Ez Mo Bee, Q-
Tip, Brooklyn own Dj Spinna, Qool Dj Marv, and the very talented Lost and Found crew to name a few. I also have crazy stats in the early 90's NYC radio station promo/demo days having made them for almost every influential show and personality of that time (most notably for Wendy Williams back when she was doing the world famous Top 8 at 8 on 98.7 Kiss FM in NY. Shhhh...i also dated her for about a year and a half. Yeah, i got pictures. True story.). From Stretch Armstrong and Bobbitto, to Doctor Dre' and Ed Lover's "Operating Room Shows on WBLS, to Funk Master Flex when he first started doing the weekday "Street Jam" session on Hot 97, to Kid Capri when he was on WBLS weekdays playing REAL hip hop (i wrote 2 rhymes for his 2nd album...that never came out unfortunately), to Red Alert when he was on Kiss, the Awesome 2 on the no longer WNWK, Clark Kent on WBLS on friday/saturday nights.......aight, aight i don't want you to feel like i'm feeling myself (pause). But it does feel good tho. The list extends kinda long. (pause again) I got history.
I'm currently the lead MC for the two-man hip hop/soul crew, The Good People (, with my partner The Saint. We've put out 3 albums in Japan, and other singles and guest appearances on joints in Germany, France, and around the UK, and an album last year on Domination Recordings called "It's About Time". I also have a solo album called "Hardly Seen, Rarely Heard" that was released in January of 2009 on Goon Trax/Media Factory records in Japan ( I was also the 3-year saturday night resident selectah at the worldwide legendary but now defunct Black Betty spot in brooklyn with my "Make Love,Not War" melting pot party (check for the classic flicks of the craziness). I've had the opportunity and blessings to travel the world dealing with music and experience other cultures and customs so i automatically think outside the parameters that most seem to be confined by.

Ok that's enough with the shine on the resume. I'm here now on to offer my account on the world's many realities through a monster called EMSKEEOLOGY. In the vast world of overbearing blogs (EVERYBODY seems to have or be affiliated with one), i'm sure the question is being asked....Why should you read what i have to offer? What makes this dude Emskee special? I don't know him. Well, i can honestly say that my opinons on relevant topics, though not fashionably vulgar or "ironic"to be considered cool, are level-headed, fair understandings, and aim to spark dialogue in your own educated circles of conversation (WHICH is super healthy and very much needed). Far from the irrelevant who's who-who's having sex with who-fake ass reality show fodder. These will be thought provoking posts. Emskeeologies started as short introductions to my old mass email list weekly blasts, and were well recieved.
STILL not remotely intrigued...or even care?? Well, just warm up and gradually subscribe to Emskeeology as it goes along, co-sign it, and spread the word. I understand the apprehensive approach to new things that are promoted or sold to you. won't hurt, and it goes down easy (pause and ayee yoooooo!!).
The Hip Hop Takeover and Emskeeology are now linked. Get connected too. Word.

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