Friday, November 12, 2010

Blue Holidays

What's good hip hop? As Eddie Murphy said in the classic flick "Trading Places"...."MERRY NEW YEAR!!! LOL Stop the music that you may be playing for a few so you can soak up this post properly. Let it marinate in your brain.
As we approach the most festive and popular holiday season of the year, you can be sure to see advertisements of joyful, tranquil family settings as if the foundation of family gatherings is as innocent as apple pie and a glass of milk. Not so at all. Some reading this may very well enjoy a close-knit, laugh fest of family good times. Great for you. The reality for many others though is that too often enough, important issues along the path of life between family members are never properly brought to the table for discussion, creating an underlying volcano of mental and/or emotional turmoil.
Many times we ALL refute things that we don't believe are legitimate, potential long-term complications between relatives, AND because it's inconvenient to deal with in the fast-paced, multiple-vocation lives we lead for survival. But it's not only Thanksgiving and Xmas time. This is a year-in, year out problem. As human beings within a family, each person has their own spirit, and with pre-teen children, they are still being developed into the visions of their parents. The alarming part, for me, is that because no one wants to appear to be apart of a dysfunctional family (understandably), all of the issues needing to be addressed along the way are "swept under the rug" destroying any type of understanding or reconciliation down the line when it's too late.
My point is this. Easier said than done, but if you have any outstanding issues with a family member that you can somehow have a civilized conversation with to resolve long standing issues, get that person to the table (maybe not the Thanksgiving table) and give it some attention. I know a guy who only has contact with family members when birthdays are forcibly recognized and the calls have to be made for card thanks because it's the THING to do to "hold" family ties together. This is not a healthy situation.
This is a relatively short Emskeeology this week, but if you have a problem with a family member and it can be repaired with some painstaking, difficult dialogue, make it happen. In the case of parents, depending on how old they are, you want to make the motion sooner than later. Years of unresolved issues will undoubtedly serve as a weight of guilt once they pass away. Leaving you to wonder and lament why you didn't act sooner to perhaps bring the rifts to closure. But, contrary to the definition of the words, all holidays aren't happy. True happiness doesn't just happen. It must be achieved. Feel me??
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Class dismissed. Make sure you get that homework done.
Love to the world y'all. Peace.

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