Monday, November 8, 2010

Faith Evans Stars as "The Supremes" Florence Ballard in Upcoming Biopic

Florence Ballard and Faith Evans

I mentioned this on air a little over a month ago, but this was before I started this blog. Faith Evans will star as the late Florence Ballard in an upcoming biopic.

The movie is based off of the book “The Lost Supreme” by Peter Benjaminson and it tells the story about Florence Ballard who paved the way for female entertainers. The biopic will reveal shocking details of Florence’s life from her success to her devastating betrayal and the actual cause of her death at 32 years old.
The biopic is approved by Florence’s three daughters, Michelle and Nicole and Lisa, who have followed the development of the biopic. Florence Ballard’s children also appointed Faith Evans as the right person to portray their mother.

From 1959 - 1967, Florence Ballard was one of the original founding members of "The Supremes", which also included Mary Wilson and Diana Ross. Even though Ms. Ballard had the stronger more soulful voice, Diana Ross was appointed lead singer by Motown Records CEO Berry Gordy. After an incident in Las Vegas in 1967, Ms. Ballard was dropped from the group. Through the late 60's Florence struggled with a solo career, and spent her last five years of her life relatively poor. Florence Ballard died in 1976.

Sounds familiar? Well it has been said, never confirmed, that the Broadway show turned movie "Dreamgirls", was based loosely on "The Supremes". During her acceptance speech, Jennifer Hudson dedicated her Golden Globe Award for her portrayal of Effie White in the “Dreamgirls” film to Florence Ballard.

“BLONDIE – THE FLORENCE BALLARD STORY” will be filmed in Atlanta, GA and is set to release Summer 2011. Wait up for the soundtrack which will feature various artists including Lauryn Hill, Kelly Price and of course, Faith Evans.

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